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Friday, February 26, 2010

Post Grad, and Terrible Teen Movies

I feel like I've been just accumulating a list of things-to-blog-about, with the intention of writing something about them, and not actually doing anything about it -- OH WAIT that's because that is EXACTLY what I've been doing!

Let's start knocking a few of the first ones off of my list, shall we?

Post Grad (2009, Alexis Bledel and some other people): I saw this with a couple of girlfriends, and that totally made this movie better -- it's always good to see fluffy rom-coms with girlfriends who are just as likely to not take them seriously. I enjoyed the movie to the extent that it was meant to be enjoyed, and probably not much further than that. I identified with the main character in the sense of "yay I have a degree and oh crap I can't do anything with it!" but not at all in the sense that she actually knew what she WANTED to do with it. Also she had a boy (and a yummy foreign neighbour!) who luuuuurved her and was like all perfect and stuff but she ignored his awesomeness 'cause he was her bestie and blarh dee blarh. I don't have a boy, but I like to think that if I did have a boy I wouldn't ignore his sexiness for the fact that we were besties. Actually I just think it would be nice to have a boy bestie. They make for excellent sounding boards. BUT THIS IS WAY OFF TOPIC. Rent the damn movie 'cause I feel like advising you thus, a'right? Deal.

Twilight & New Moon (2008/2009, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner): Went to see these as a double bill at the downtown awesome cinema with cheap rates and comfy seats (including couches for those so inclined) -- I went with friends, with the intention of mockery and general douchebaggery, but I feel like that's what everybody else in the theatre was there for (not that there were that many people total anyway, but still). These were the people who wanted to see what the hype was all about without having to shell out 10 bucks per film, and instead got both of them for 9. It might have been more fun to mock had there been people in the theatre taking it seriously. I think I heard one girlish gasp in a hottie-boy moment, but that's about it. Ah, well. You can't have everything. I'm going to come right out and admit that I have read all four of the books, and I would actually consider reading them again -- not that this should come as a surprise to anyone who knows how I read books, which is voraciously and repetitively (this is why I OWN books as opposed to getting them from the library for the most part, it's almost guaranteed I'll read them again out of boredom if nothing else). I like the books for their teen angst hilarity, and no, I don't believe that Edward is going to come sweep me off my feet and make me all eternal and beautiful and young forever. One of my 15 year olds at camp one year totally broke down into hysterics because someone told her he wasn't real. I almost died trying to contain my laughter. THAT BEING SAID I think the movies are kind of crap. I had high hopes for "R-Pattz" (before he became known as such) because I did think he was kind of yummy as Cedric -- he was totally what I pictured Cedric to be after reading Goblet of Fire, hottie and kinda on the slow-to-think side -- but basically, they should have gotten someone who could act to play Bella. I dislike Kristen Stewart enormously, and holy hell does she ever need to lay off the botox or whatever is causing her to have no facial expressions. Best actor of the love triangle DEFINITELY Taylor Lautner -- added bonus for him having played "SHARK BOY" in that horrendous kids' movie. Not to mention I tend to be eyes-riveted-on-screen whenever he's there. Hells, that boy is HOT. And funny, too! I liked his SNL hosting moment, that was fun. Anyway! Don't watch these movies unless you're there for a laugh. But do watch them if you're in a bad mood and want to be cheered up, they're definitely good for that! (Side note: I appear to be cured of accidentally typing "definately" instead of "definitely" automatically! Good for me!)

I think that will have to be it for crossing recently-viewed things off my list. More shortly, I'm sure.

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