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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I love watching movies...

I watched three movies in the past... day... I will keep my reviews brief, so as to not overwhelm myself, but I do want to stick to my goal of keeping track of this kind of thing.

First, I watched Drive Me Crazy (1999, Melissa Joan Hart & Adrian Grenier). I felt the need to get in touch with my inner teen (okay, so I was 12 when it came out.. but it has high school characters...) and watch something from my past. I bought it on the cheap at some point last year when I was having a craving for things like that and She's All That and Girls and Boys and that kind of thing. I had a remarkably difficult time finding DVD copies of such drivel, actually :D And much as I love to call it drivel, it's totally my favourite genre of movies that I will watch and re-watch ad infinitum just 'cause I can. I particularly love the fact that this one has Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch fame - I was highly addicted to shows of that calibre being played on ABC's TGIF 4-show set. I was very disappointed when that died, because it meant I really had nothing to do on Friday nights. Going back to the movie... watch it, if you're like me and love that horrible genre of teenage romantic comedies.

Next, I watched My Life In Ruins (2009, Nia Vardalos & Richard Dreyfuss). Leaping ahead a decade, it was... another romantic comedy. But more comedic, more adult, very Greek (always love, see my post about Gods Behaving Badly), and highly entertaining. I enjoy Nia Vardalos a lot, I really liked her Greek wedding movie, and I think she's quite funny. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who takes their movies too seriously. It's fluff, no doubt, but that's what I tend to look for in movies, really. Watch it if you're looking for a good romantic comedy with a little bit of heart-string-tugging. Also, one of the TRAILERS before the movie made me cry, which I really don't think has happened to me in a while if ever... so I must add Adam with Hugh Dancy to my list of movies to see. It looks like awesome sauce.

Finally, I watched An Ideal Husband (1999, Rupert Everett, Cate Blanchett, Minnie Driver, Julianne Moore, and Jeremy Northam). I had been meaning to watch this movie ever since I saw the play at Stratford in 2007 - I believe I posted something on the original incarnation of this blog about how I would love to see a movie version of this to see if I loved it more than The Importance of Being Earnest. Well, I discovered that there already was a movie version of it, AND it had Rupert Everett in it (he is also in the movie version of Earnest), so when I saw it at Blockbuster it was a bit of a no-brainer. I love love LOVE Oscar Wilde and should really read his books/plays sometime this year, because he's a GENIUS of words. I absolutely adore the dialogue he has in his plays, and the premises for plot are quite interesting. Needless to say, I loved the movie. Rupert Everett does Oscar Wilde SO WELL. I kept thinking I knew Jeremy Northam from something, but turns out I don't think he's been in anything else I've seen. Ah well. He was quite good as well. And I love Minnie Driver. Absolutely. Watch this movie, ESPECIALLY if you like 19th century British politics and people. But really, just watch this movie because I think more people should appreciate Oscar Wilde.

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Cici said...

Hi Kate! I'm a little late to the commenting party, but Jeremy Northam? Also in Emma and Possession and The Tudors and I LOVE HIM. MY MOVIE STAR CRUSH OF HIM IS HUGE.